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Yearbooks have been a rich source of material for the main Priory website. I have been fortunate to have access to a number of yearbooks recently and people are often wanting to refer back to them, to recall a face or just to remember someone or something as they were.


To help this, I have set up this new site to which over time, I will add scanned copies of every page (apart from those containing personal information like home addresses!) of every yearbook I get access to.  To read a yearbook, just click on the cover page below. This will take you to the place you want. All pages are then shown as 'thumbnail pictures'. Just click on what you want to look at to see it full size.

If you have any yearbooks you can lend me which you are willing to share, I promise to take care of them and to return them in the condition I receive them. Please let me know - just e-mail me

Yearbooks Available in Full

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Great thanks to Bari Tinker, Al Henry, Sabrina Hopkins, Audrey Faulkner, Julian Spence, Mrs Marie Gregory, Donald Bennett and Peter Vaculik who have provided most of the source material for this site.


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