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Vincent McKie

Senior School Report

Message from the Friends of Priory

Senior School Staff

Office Staff

Prefect Group

Upper 6th Advanced Level Diploma 1980

Graduating Class 1980 - S5

Graduating Class 1980 - S5 cont.


S1, S1// and S2

S2//, S3 and S3//

S4, S4// and Lower 6th

Graduating Classes

Upper 6th, S5 and S5//

Junior School Staff

Kindergarten Staff

J1, J1// and J2

J3, J4 and J5


Boy isn't work hard

This is just the beginning

Kindergarten 1 & 2

Student Council Report 1979-80

The Priory Girl Guides

The Senior School Cookery Club

Chess Club

Camera Club Report


Sports Day 1980

Sports Day 1980 cont.


Football Report


Football and Netball

Softball Team 1980

Priory Dance Class 1980

Drama Club

Princton House Report

Oxford House Report

McGill House Report

Priory Adult College of Education

Comtron Jamaica Ltd. and Linen & Quilting Industries Ltd. ads.

Wear Its At, Lerner Shops and Juliet Bra Co. Ltd. ads.

Back Cover

Grateful thanks to Donald Bennett who scanned this yearbook in record time and persevered with some flaky e-mail connections to send it to me really quickly.


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