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A Poem by M. Louise Anderson

Sketch of the Priory







Mr. Fowler where he is happiest

Members of Staff - Senior School

Members of Staff - Senior School cont.

Members of Staff - Junior School

Administrative Staff

Prep Department

The C5 Department

Kitchen Staff Group


Alcan Products of Jamaica Ltd. ad.

Caribbean Protective Services & Tropical Battery ads.

"Fifth period is free....Devon House?"

Esso ad.


Yearbook Staff

Prefects and Monitors

Good Year ad.

Tuck Shop Staff

Texaco ad.

Tuck Shop Builders

Shell & MM Alexander ads.

School Quiz

Surveying & Technical Drawing

Motor Mechanics

Modern Furnishing ad.



Inside Priory's Laboratory


'Blood, Sweat & Tears'

Crafts & Art

Crafts & Art cont.



Swiss Stores and Jamaica Omnibus Services ads.

Junior School

Amateur Actors

Prep. Parade

Prep. Candid

Prep. Candid cont.

Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. ad.

Prep. Candid cont.

Priory's Pet Show

Priory's Pet Show cont.


Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts


Girl Guides

Bata ad.


Sports cont.

Sports cont.

Alberga Football

Senior Football Team

Keith Clark Co. (1968) Ltd. ad.

Colgate & Motor Owners Mutual ads.



International Week

Thermo-Plastics (Ja.) Ltd. & Say Five by High Fashion ads.


The Meaning of a Friend - Judy Drapp 17

I Remember - Laura Denham 6

Mouse - Nicholas Phillips 7

Progress - Tracey Marsh B2

Table Tennis




Prep. Sports

Aerial View of the School

Plan of Priory School and Playing Fields

Lascelles de Mercado & Co. Limited ad.

POEM Whats Wrong With Our World - Judy Drapp 17


Love - Michael Chin 11

To Huey P. Newton - anon.

Scotiabank & The Metal Box Company of Jamaica Limited ads.

Indbear ad.

Headmaster's Report 1973

Headmaster's Report 1973 cont.

The Priory School General Information

The Priory School Scholarships and Bursaries - 1973

External Examinations which may be taken by students of the Priory School

Major University Scholarship Awards

Universities and Colleges to which Priory Students have been admitted

1973 Careers Week Seminar

Brief looks

Brief looks cont.

On Friendship

On Love

On People

On Jamaica

On Mangoes

On B2//

On Frustration

Crop Culture (Jamaica) Ltd., Ink Well Ltd., PanAm & Victoria Mutual Building Society ads.

"S" Formers

"S" Formers cont.

"S" Formers cont.

Form "S" Mr Brinn Average age 17

Form "S" Mr Brinn Average age 17 cont.

Form "S" Mr Brinn Average age 17 cont.

Form A1 Mrs Gregory Average age 16

Form A1// Mr Downes Average Age 16

Form A2 Miss Nicholson Average Age 15

Form A2A Mr Foster Average age 15

Form A2// Mrs Popple Average age 15

Grace ad.

Form B1 Mr Batten Average age 14

Form B1A Mrs Hernould Average age 14

Form B1// Mrs Ramchand Average age 14

Ernie Smith - Federal Country ad.

Form B2 Mrs Jackson Average age 13

Form B2 Mrs Jackson Average age 13 cont.

Form B2A Mr Hodgson Average age 13

First National City Bank & Tropigas ads.

Form B2// Mrs Nicholson Average age 13

Form B2// Mrs Nicholson Average age 13 cont.

Form B3 Mrs Coldfelt Average age 12

Form B3 Mrs Coldfelt Average age 12 cont.

Form B3A Mrs Worthy Average age 12

Form B3// Mr Davis Average age 12

Form B3// Mr Davis Average age 12 cont.

Dewars, Stanley Motta's & Coca Cola ads.

Form B4 Mrs Sangster Average age 11

Form B4 Mrs Sangster Average age 11 cont.

Form B4A Mr Rhodes Average age 11

Form B4B Miss Rollings Average age 11

Form BC Mrs Alt Average age 11

Form BCA Mrs Lowe Average age 10

Form BCB Mrs Hall Average age 10

Form C1 Mrs Mendes Average age 9

Form C1A Mrs Rhodes Average age 9

Form C1B Mrs Downey Average age 9

Form C2 Mrs Gallop Average age 8

Form C2A Mrs Bertram Average age 8

Form C2B Miss Lewis Average age 8

Form C3 Mrs Sachdeva Average age 7

Form C3A Mrs Fleming Average age 7

Abdulla C. Marzouca Ltd., C.D. Alexander Company International Limited, R. Hana & Sons Ltd. & Caribbean Cement Company Ltd. ads.

Form C3B Mrs Clarkson Average age 7

Form C4 Mrs Weston Average age 6

Form C4A Mrs Adler Average age 6

Form C4B Mrs Ingrouille Average age 6

Pre-primary department Average age 5

Pre-primary department Average age 5 cont.

Pre-primary Department - Candids

Pre-primary Department - Candids

BOAC ad.


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