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West Indies Paper Products, West Indies Containers Ltd., West Indies Pulp & Paper Ltd. ad.

Dedication to George Laflin Miller

Council of Priory School Trust Society

Headmaster's Report

School views

At the Priory

The old and the new

Headmaster's Report cont.

Headmaster's Report cont.

Businessmens lunch

Members of the Staff, Senior, Middle and Junior Schools

Members of the Staff, Senior, Middle and Junior Schools cont.

The Preparatory Department and Administrative Staff

Commencement Day Ceremony

Commencement Day Certificate and Recipients

Sir Egerton Richardson presenting awards and certificates

Careers Week Seminar

Careers Week Seminar cont.

Major University Scholarship Awards

Universities and Colleges to which Priory Stdents have been admitted

Scholarship Awards tenable atthe Priory School

External Examinations which may be taken by students of the Priory School

Academic Visitors to the Priory School 1969-70

The Prefects Group

New Science Laboratories

At Work in the Laboratories


Swimming cont.


Football cont.

Track Athletics

Preparatory Department Sports Day


Priory defeating Morant Bay High School in the first Inter-School Rugby match in Jamaica




Form C4 Mrs A Rogers

Average age 6

Form C4A Mrs B Parks

Average Age 6

Form FG3 Mrs B Clarkson

Form C3 Mrs C Rhodes

Average Age 7

Andrew H.B. Aguilar, Crop Culture (Overseas) Ltd. and Hardware & Lumber ads.

Form C3A Mrs J Bertram

Average Age 7

Form FG2 Miss D Kirkpatrick

Form C2 Miss W Greenhill

Average Age 8

Form C2A Mrs H Keatinge

Average Age 8

Form FG1 Mrs Anderson

Form C1 Mrs A Mendes

Average Age 9

Form C1A Mr A Rogers

Average Age 9

Form BC Mrs M A Hobson

Average Age 10

Form BCA Mrs E Cambray

Average Age 10

The CD Alexander Company, Scotiabank Jamaica & Redimix ads.

Form BCB Mrs K Castell

Average Age 10

British American Assurance Company & Air Jamaica ads.

Form B4 Mrs H Tansey

Average Age 11

D & G ad.

Form B4A Mr H Rhodes

Average Age 11

Caribbean Cement Co. Ltd., Leonard de Cordova Ltd. & Texaco ads.

Form B3 Mrs N Hernould

Average Age 12

Priroy School and Playing Fields

58 Jamaica Citrus Growers Ltd.; J Wray & Nephew

59 B3A Mr J Topham average age 12

60 Reynolds Jamaica Mines Ltd

61 B3// Miss J Webster average age 12

62 R. Hann & Sons Ltd.; Motor Owners Mutual Insurance Association Limited

63 B2 Mr C Chin-Yee average age 13

64 First National City Bank New York; Sprostons (Jamaica) Ltd & Alcan Products of Jamaica Ltd.

65 B2// Miss Y Powell average age 13

66 The Standard Life Assurance Company; Seprod Ltd.

67 B1 Mrs P Jackson average age 14

68 B1// Mrs K Severson average age 17

69 A2 Mr D Jackson average age 15

70 A2// Miss A King average age 15

71 A1 Mr J Tansey average age 16

72 A1 Mr E Downes average age 16

73 S Mr P Bourke average age 17

74 Capt. AA Reid & son; Conditioned Air Corporation; Kingston Industrial Garage

75 Kaiser Bauxite

76 Barclays Bank; IBM; Record Specialists Ltd.; Colgate

77 Jamaica Popcorn Company Ltd.; The Shell Company (W.I.) Ltd.

78 Baseball

79 Archery

80 & 81 Girls' Gymnastics

82 Junior Football

83 Aquarium

84 & 85 The Priory Annual Pet Show sponsored by the JSPCA

86 Aviation display

87 Art

88 & 89 Art

90 Television Schools Challenge Quiz

91 Christmas Concert in Preparatory Department

92 & 93 "A Midsummer Nights Dream"

94 Cub Pack

95 Girl Guides; Brownie Pack

96 Classes in First Aid and Home Economics

97 School views

98 Champion Priory-ites

99 Priory School Association

100 Students not included in Form Photographs

101 The Preparatory Department

102 Facts about the Priory School

103 Addresses of former students resident in Jamaica (incorrectly captioned)

104 & 105 Addresses of former students resident in Jamaica (incorrectly captioned) continued

106 Addresses of former students resident in Jamaica (incorrectly captioned) continued

107 Addresses of former students resident abroad (incorrectly captioned)

108 & 109 Addresses of former students resident abroad (incorrectly captioned) continued

110 & 111 Addresses of former students resident abroad (incorrectly captioned) continued

112 Autographs

113 Esso

Back Cover BOAC



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