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The National Pledge for Schools

Council of Priory School Trust Society

Headmaster's Report Part 1

Headmaster's Report Part 2

Air Jamaica ad.

Members of the Staff - Senior, Middle, Junior and Preparatory Schools -Part 1

Members of the Staff - Senior, Middle, Junior and Preparatory Schools -Part 2

Reynolds Jamaica Mines ad.

Careers Week Seminar Part 1

Careers Week Seminar Part 2

Careers Week Seminar Part 3

Major University Scholarship Awards

Scholarships Tenable at the Priory School

The Prefects Group

Track Athletics Part 1

Track Athletics Part 2

Junior Football

Esso ad.

Tennis & Cricket

Swimming Part 1

Swimming Part 2

BOAC ad.


JPS and Standard Life Ads


Cub Pack

Investiture and Flag Ceremony

Alcan and Grace ads.

Brownie Pack

C.D. Alexander, Hardware & Lumber and Texaco ads.


Project Port Royal Part 1

Project Port Royal Part 2

Project Spanish Town Part 1

Project Spanish Town Part 2

R. Hanna and Berger Paints ads.

Pet Show Part 1

Pet Show Part 2

Preparatory Department Games

Autographs of your favourite classmates and most revered teachers

C4 Miss D Kirkpatrick Average age 4

C4A Miss Jean Edwards Average age 6

C3 Mrs I Bell Average age 7

C3A Mrs Parkes Average age 7

C2 Mrs N Anderson Average age 8

C2A Mrs H Keatinge Average age 8

Plan of the school and playing fields

C1 Mrs E Gunn Average age 9

C1A Mrs F Copland Average age 9

BC Mrs Fowler Average age 10

BCA Mrs K Castel Average age 10

B4 Mrs H Tansey Average age 11

B4A Mrs Taylor Average age 11

B3 Mrs N Hernould Average age 12

B3// Mrs C Chance Average age 12

B2 Mr E Hobson Average age 13

B2// Miss Carey Average age 13

B1 Mr S Dunn Average age 14

B1// Mrs Leo Average age 14

A2 Mr Tansey Average age 15

A2// Miss King Average age 15

A1 Mr R Wingate Average age 16

A1 continued Mr R Wingate Average age 16

S Mr P Bourke Average age 17

AHB Aguilar, Caribbean Protective Services and Tropical Batteries ads.

Students not included in Form Photographs

Science Laboratories


D & G and MOM ads.


Science Project - Insect Life

School Views - Preparatory Department

Colgate, Courts, Carib Cement and Brooks ads.

School views - Senior School

Tribute to Denis Sloly - Part 1

Tribute to Denis Sloly - Part 2

J.Wray & Nephew, Capt. AA Reid & Son and Sprostons ads.

Priory School Association

Best popcorn, Record Specialists, KIG and Scotiabank ads.

Salada, National Continental Foods and Mores Supply House ads.

Redimix ad.

Facts about the Priory School

Roy Sanguinetti, Barclays Bank and Seprod ads.

Shell ad.

PanAm ad.


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