Priory School, Kingston, Jamaica

Priory School, Kingston, Jamaica

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Canada Dry ad.

JPS and Texaco ads.

Puritan and Standard Life Assurance Co. ads.

Berger Paints and Grace Foods ads.

C.D. Alexander, Andrew H.B. Aguilar, North American Life Assurance Company and Tropigas ads.

Citrus Co. of Jamaica, J. Wray & Nephew, MOM and Royal Bank of Canada ads.

Sprostons, Hardware & Lumber and Barclays D.C.O ads.

The National Pledge for Schools

Council of Priory School Trust Society

Headmaster's Message

Headmaster's Message (Cont.)

S Form Mr P Bourke

A1 Mr Henry Fowler

A1 Mr Henry Fowler (Cont.)

AB Miss M Buzzard

Members of Staff - Junior, Middle, Senior and Preparatory

The Prefects Group

Trust Commemoration Day 1966

Trust Commemoration Day 1966 (Cont.)

Industrial Exhibition

Bourne Scholarship

Major University Scholarship Awards

B1 Mr F Seyd

B2 Mrs A Wilson

B2// Mr R Hopkin

B3 Mrs N Hernould

B3// Mr SJ Jones

B4 Mrs J Whitehead

B4// Mrs C Orr

BC Mrs Greta Fowler

Afternoon activities

Afternoon activities (Cont.)

BCA Mrs MC Macnamara

C1 Mrs F Copeland

The Preparatory Department

Priory School and Playing Fields - Plan

C1A Mrs Y Field

C2 Mrs N Anderson

C2 R Miss C Mechler

C3 Mrs G Grant

Kindergarten Mrs N Stean

Kindergarten Miss D Kirkpatrick

The Drama Club

Annual Pet Show

Pictures - Annual Pet Show

The Library

Art & Science Society

Classroom Views

Mrs Sloly and her B1 Art Class

The Prep Department Watching a Play

Comparing Scrapbooks in a Current Affairs Class

Miss Ann Costa - the School Secretary

Summer Term Marbles

Beak-time at the water fountain

Brownies and Cubs

The Priory School Association

Old Boys Football Team 1966

P.S.A. Reunion in London

Facts about the Priory School

Members of Staff not Included in Photograph on page 11

Students not Included in Form Photographs

West Indies Paper Products, Colgate, Courts and Capt. A.A. Reid and son ads.

Various sponsors ads.

Abdulla C Marzouca Ltd. ad.


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