Priory School, Kingston, Jamaica

Priory School, Kingston, Jamaica

Last Updated Sunday, 31 October 2010

The pages below are in number order as they appeared in the original yearbook. Click on the page you wish to view for a full size image. 

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Musson Jamaica ad.

Capt. A.A. Reid & Son, Michael Albert Ltd. and Jmaica Public Service ads.

Brooks Stores, Cremo Ltd., Grace ads.

Lords, Desnoes & Geddes and Standard Life Assurance Company ads.

J.Wray & Nephew Ltd., West Indies Paper Products, Jamaica Milk Products Ltd., Hardware & Lumber ads.

Jamaica Omnibus Services Ltd., Shell and Sprostons ads.

Matalon Group of Companies ad.

Message from H.E. the Governor-General

Message from the Acting Prime Minister

Abdulla C. Marzouca ad.

The National Pledge for Schools

Headmaster's Message

Form pictures S, A1, A2 and B1

Menbers of Staff 1965

Form pictures B2, B3 and B3//

Extracts from the Addresses on the Occasion of Inaugaration Day November 9, 1960

Form pictures B4, B4 and BC

Messages to the Priory School Trust Society

The Prefects Group

The Preparatory Department

Form pictures BC//, C1A and C1

Form pictures C2, C3 and Kindergarten

Mrs KH Bourne OBE, Mrs Leslie Long MA and Robert Karl Nunes CBE

Major University Scholarship Awards

Track Athletics


Priory School and Playing Fields


Girls Activities


Arts & Science Society

Universities and Colleges at Which Priory Students Have Obtained Degrees or are Currently Studying

What our Old Pupils are Doing

The Priory School Growth Fund

The Priory School Association

Extracts from School Prospectus 1965

Winterton Garvey, Art Class and Chess Club

Men Who Have Played an Important Part in the Development of the Priory School

Pupils enrolled for 1965-66

Alphabetical list of Priory School old students residing abroad

Alphabetical list of Priory School old students residing abroad cont.

Alphabetical list of Priory School old students residing abroad cont.

Colgate ad.

Caribbean Cement Company Ltd. ad.

North Anerican Life Assurance Company, Wonards, Barclays Bank DCO and Texaco ads.

Bank of London & Montreal Ltd., Charley's, Andrew HB Aguilar and Tropicair ads.

Tropigas, Trout Hall Orange Juice and Seprod ads.

Canada Dry ad.

Alcan Jamaica Ltd. ad.

Tropical Batteries ad.


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